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Disambiguation. Carbon fiber, resin, acrylic, canvas.2015Disambiguation. Carbon fiber, resin, acrylic, canvas.2015

Opaque. Carbon fiber. 2014Opaque. Carbon fiber. 2014

Transparency. Carbon fiber, resin. 2014Transparency. Carbon fiber, resin. 2014

Circumvention. Carbon fiber, resin. 2014Circumvention. Carbon fiber, resin. 2014

Asterism. Carbon fiber, acrylic. 2016Asterism. Carbon fiber, acrylic. 2016

Countless grey. Proxy gallery. Carbon fiber. 2015Countless grey. Proxy gallery. Carbon fiber. 2015

On the edge. Carbon fiber, acrylic. 2015On the edge. Carbon fiber, acrylic. 2015

Scattered. carbon fiber, acrylic. 2016Scattered. carbon fiber, acrylic. 2016

Silverman. Carbon fiber. 2016Silverman. Carbon fiber. 2016

Unknown formation. Carbon fiber, acrylic. 2015Unknown formation. Carbon fiber, acrylic. 2015